Lawson Sideloader Services

Thought I would send this email to thankyou for all your efforts with our transition to FreighTracker.

During the migration progress there was no disruption to operations and staff were quick to embrace the system.

Freighttracker has revolutionised our operations and streamlined a lot of our processes. It’s the software that we have been waiting for a long time for, not to mention our ability to customise to our specific requirements.

Everyday we discover a new feature and find the office is buzzing with excitement. All the tedious messy tasks that we had to endure all these years is a thing of the past.

I understand that we are one of the largest container transport operators in Melbourne and have very complex operations with multiple depots, our requirements and processes are very demanding. FreightTracker handled it with ease and accommodated all our requirements.

Unfortunately container transport has been lagging way behind with IT solutions and systems, our industry still operates with outdated manual processes, finally we have a solution that will bring us inline with other industries.

We look forward to working with you on developing the systems further and appreciate your support. I am willing and able to communicate with other transport companies to recommend freighttracker.

Thanks and Regards,

David Eroglu

Managing Director