Keep your company efficient with
Freight Tracker’s
Transport Management System

I am sure you will agree. Managing transport of any mode is a complicated and challenging task. With so many moving parts such as staff, drivers, clients and freight it is increasingly imperative that carriers operate a transport management system to pull it all together.

Freight Tracker has an elegant and effective solution to do just this.

Specialising in container transport we also have systems and modules to manage linehaul, bulk haulage, warehousing and equipment management for the earth moving industry.
With client comments such as “easy to use”, “we never lose a container” we believe we have struck the balance between operations, finance and management requirements.

Easy to manage operations screens;
Practical and secure quoting and invoicing system;
Very relevant reporting.

When purchasing software the performance of the software is mission critical but so is the back up service and support and flexibility of the software company to deliver future changes.
We have a strong track record of “listening” then “conferring” followed by “building and delivering” what our clients want.
An Australian owned and operated company we are proud of our products and we collectively bring many years of experience to the table in both the software and transport industry.

Consistency, answer-ability and trustworthiness are our core values that we will not compromise.

Ask our clients - This is why our business has grown organically.

Easy to use

Freighttracker is an easy-to-use web application
Our very first client said to us "Mate, we’re truck drivers – we’ve got fat thumbs, so make it simple!” - and from that moment we have taken ease of use to be a mantra.

From our colourful picture menu icons, to intuitive business processes we aim to make it as simple as possible for a new user to understand the system.

We have also put in lots of error checking to alert the user to something that is not correct (eg. incorrect container number)

Most other systems have menu’s and sub menus and lots of settings. We manage to hide away most of the complexity to only be shown when you need it and keep the general processes as simple as possible.

Accessible anywhere

This is the big advantage of a web based solution. It is literally accessible anywhere you have access to the internet. Whether that is sending invoices at home in front of the TV or allocating loads on an iPad in your car, you can see and manage your transport operations from anywhere.

This also puts a big tick on your disaster recovery plan. For example, if you have a fire go through the office in the depot, you can simply get people working from home or from mobile devices in the yard.

Freighttracker is accessible anywhere

Pay your way

Pay your way with Freighttracker
Our customers have asked us for flexible payment solutions and we are happy to oblige. If you prefer to fix your costs, then payment can be a flat monthly rate, or if you rather your costs rise and fall with your business we can do that too.

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