Newline Freighters

As the Managing Director of Newline Freighters, I have nothing but praise for Freight Tracker software and their development team. We were introduced to FT at a critical time in our 4PL business and, during the development phase, the team went above and beyond to ensure their software solution provided a critical link between our business, our clients’ needs and our transport providers’ systems, many of whom were already using FT.

From sales through to technical support we were impressed with the team’s professionalism and willingness to work in partnership with us in creating a unique solution. We highly recommend FT to anyone in the transport and logistics industry who needs a solution-focused system.

Thanks for your support Andrew.

Tony Carbaretta Managing Director April 12, 2019

JR Stephens

FreightTracker has been a game changer for us. Our Container Operation has tripled in size over the last year and we wouldn’t have been able to support our wonderful Customers without the capability and capacity unleashed to our team that has been provided through your team and this Software’s support. It has provided significant support to our business in Allocations, Customer Engagement and Administration functions.

Andrew Stanke Chief Financial Officer April 12, 2019

Lawson Sideloader Services

Thought I would send this email to thankyou for all your efforts with our transition to FreighTracker.

During the migration progress there was no disruption to operations and staff were quick to embrace the system.

Freighttracker has revolutionised our operations and streamlined a lot of our processes. It’s the software that we have been waiting for a long time for, not to mention our ability to customise to our specific requirements.

Everyday we discover a new feature and find the office is buzzing with excitement. All the tedious messy tasks that we had to endure all these years is a thing of the past.

I understand that we are one of the largest container transport operators in Melbourne and have very complex operations with multiple depots, our requirements and processes are very demanding. FreightTracker handled it with ease and accommodated all our requirements.

Unfortunately container transport has been lagging way behind with IT solutions and systems, our industry still operates with outdated manual processes, finally we have a solution that will bring us inline with other industries.

We look forward to working with you on developing the systems further and appreciate your support. I am willing and able to communicate with other transport companies to recommend freighttracker.

Thanks and Regards,

David Eroglu

Managing Director

David Eroglu Managing Director April 8, 2019

Wynnum Haulage

In 2014 our business started to grow to a size where we really needed to implement a transport management program. After doing much research we found FreightTracker to seem like the most user friendly system on the market. We moved quickly as we wanted it implemented prior to the start of the new financial year. Looking back it really was the best decision we could have made for our business. Our customers are happy with the automated messages that they receive, they keep them up to date every step of the way and our allocator has no difficulty ensuring his daily jobs are completed with a very simple three step allocation process. Having this system has also allowed to ensure we capture all charges and enables us to keep notes on file relevant to each and every job we do. When we implemented the FreightTracker program, it was also a reasonably new system into our industry, over the past 18 months we have received constant upgrades and the plan they have for the future is exceptional and will keep us up to date with and in line with our competitors.

Tina Wynnum Haulage, Brisbane November 3, 2015

FCL Transport Services

Freight Tracker is a system that will enhance your business overnight. I have used Freight Tracker for just on 2 years now and could not be happier with the positive effect it has had on my business. I am constantly recommending the system to my many colleagues within the Container Transport Industry.

The benefits that the system offers are below :

  • Simple system to use but effective. The simpleness lowers your training costs and eliminates the errors when new staff members are employed.
  •  Easy to track containers from start of job to finish.
  • Allocation screens made easy. The layout and the user friendly nature of Freight Tracker is what appeals to me most. All data is live and up to date. Every step of the job is completed in real time.

Freight Tracker has had such a positive effect on my business that I would highly recommend the system to anyone.

I personally want to thank Andrew for the improvements Freight Tracker made to my business. I never thought container transport could be so streamlined until Freight Tracker came along.

Nathan Pride FCL Transport Services, Sydney September 29, 2015


In 2010 our Container Transport business had been told that the current software we had been using for the last 5 years was going to become obsolete. Only ever using one software package within the container transport industry that we had been apart of for many many years was somewhat a bit of a shock. “What do we do?” “Where do we go?” ” Who do we speak to?” “Is there another company that does this type of software?”
I jumped on the internet and found a couple of sites but one stood out over all the others “Freight Tracker” I went into the site and found a few things that was familiar to me and know feeling very lost and alone I rang the number and spoke to a guy by the name of Andrew, wow! After our conversation the lost and alone feeling was all gone! He had organised to meet with us within days it was all going to be ok.
I could have never imagined the journey we where about to take.
Andrew arrived at our site for an initial meeting, he took us through a visual guide of the current software at first I felt that there was a lot missing however Andrew showed us that the software could be personalised and tweaked, it became very apparent very quickly that this software was going to suit our business offering even our clients a better notification service. One we agreed to move forward Andrew & the team worked very close with us for weeks understanding “our” business and personalising the software for our business they also spent time with all the staff individually understanding their position and what their duties were, simplifying every small task and creating more efficiency throughout.
5 years later we are still using our Freight Tracker software and could not be happier. I have found myself while typing this testimony re living some of our journey and it has been pretty incredible, remembering how impressed I was so many years ago with the software and now just cant believe the changes and the development that constantly continues. Freight Tracker is a lot bigger company now and is being used within the industry widely, however we still feel the personalised service when we need or break anything, Thanks Andrew and the team you’re the best!
For anyone out there that is looking for Container Transport software I highly recommend you look Freight Tracker up! it will be one search on the net you won’t regret.

Sharon Norton TNS LOGISTICS, Brisbane September 18, 2015

Wemyss Transport

Before deciding on Freight Tracker we had briefly implemented one of the best known products in the market and it was a mess. Largely due to the software not doing what the sales people told us it would. We love the Freight Tracker software for its ease of use and functionality, but the major benefit is that the Freight Tracker team listen to what we want and make it happen. Talking to Andrew is great as he knows the system inside out and he can discuss our needs in detail and make decisions about the best way to make them a reality.

We highly recommend FreightTracker as the best product on the market with the most flexible and knowledgable team behind it.

Stephen Wemyss Wemyss Transport, Brisbane September 9, 2015


We met the Freight Tracker team while we were looking for some software to manage our growing container and testimoniallinehaul business. We had just spent significant money with another supplier who never really provided what they promised and wanted to charge us for every conversation.

Andrew and Jared listened to what we wanted and then learnt our business. They also challenged us about our requirements and we often found better ways to do things.

One of the first things we said to them was that “We are truck drivers and we have fat thumbs – so make it easy” – and they did just that. We don’t have to worry about new staff and the time it takes to learn the system – its that easy that they can pick it up with very little instruction.

Freight Tracker has cut our demurrage costs and our efficiency has increased significantly. The support of the system is excellent and the team is just a phone call away and can usually resolve questions / issues rapidly.

Beechey Carriers highly recommends Freight Tracker as a transport management system.

Matthew Beechey, Owner, Beechey Transport, Sydney September 9, 2015