FCL Transport Services

Freight Tracker is a system that will enhance your business overnight. I have used Freight Tracker for just on 2 years now and could not be happier with the positive effect it has had on my business. I am constantly recommending the system to my many colleagues within the Container Transport Industry.

The benefits that the system offers are below :

  • Simple system to use but effective. The simpleness lowers your training costs and eliminates the errors when new staff members are employed.
  • ¬†Easy to track containers from start of job to finish.
  • Allocation screens made easy. The layout and the user friendly nature of Freight Tracker is what appeals to me most. All data is live and up to date. Every step of the job is completed in real time.

Freight Tracker has had such a positive effect on my business that I would highly recommend the system to anyone.

I personally want to thank Andrew for the improvements Freight Tracker made to my business. I never thought container transport could be so streamlined until Freight Tracker came along.