We met the Freight Tracker team while we were looking for some software to manage our growing container and testimoniallinehaul business. We had just spent significant money with another supplier who never really provided what they promised and wanted to charge us for every conversation.

Andrew and Jared listened to what we wanted and then learnt our business. They also challenged us about our requirements and we often found better ways to do things.

One of the first things we said to them was that “We are truck drivers and we have fat thumbs – so make it easy” – and they did just that. We don’t have to worry about new staff and the time it takes to learn the system – its that easy that they can pick it up with very little instruction.

Freight Tracker has cut our demurrage costs and our efficiency has increased significantly. The support of the system is excellent and the team is just a phone call away and can usually resolve questions / issues rapidly.

Beechey Carriers highly recommends Freight Tracker as a transport management system.